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1 / What are the benefits of social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a prime avenue to reach target audiences. If you think about the sheer volume of people who use social media, it would be a waste not to tap into that resource for your business. Social Media Marketing has the capability of extensive reach across the world but also allows for direct consumer targeting for higher rates of conversion and awareness. Streamlining a social media marketing plan can maximize return while staying within a tangible budget.

2 / How can social media marketing help my business?

Social Media Marketing can help your business by allowing consumers to interact virtually with your brand and directly attract relevant audiences. It also allows brands to create a community with their consumers/clients while monitoring easily measurable goals.

3 / Is there any industry not suited for social media marketing?

In short, no. Any industry can benefit from social media marketing. By harnessing social media marketing, it creates direct interaction, community, awareness, and feedback towards and with your business.

4 / How long does it take for my business to see the benefits of social media marketing?

On average it will take about three months. It takes this time to generate enough data to find the most effective strategy for your business.

5 / Is there any risk with social media marketing?

The biggest risk when it comes to social media marketing is ineffective branding or lack of knowledge on the social media landscape.. This can be avoided by hiring a company  that specializes in social media marketing and has other clients that have been satisfied with their work.

6/ What is the purpose of website development?

A company’s website is the first impression of the digital world. It is generally the primary place that consumers will visit before initiating contact or purchasing a product. Website development’s main purpose is to combine website design with functionality, applicability, and general ease of use. A website should have a user-friendly interface that is streamlined and informative in order to generate higher conversion rates.

7 / How long does website development take?

The timeline for website development can range from two weeks to one month. This varies depending on established information, content, and client communication.

8 / Would website development revamp my website or would it create a new website for me?

Each company has different needs based on what has already been implemented on its current website. Reckless projects would do a website audit before giving the recommendation for an update or completely new website.

9 / Is there any factors I should consider when looking for website development?

Website development is specific to the business. There are various website hosts/platforms that businesses can use, but it depends on the website's primary purpose. Businesses selling tangible products should focus on e-commerce platforms, while businesses that need a website for more informational purposes may benefit from a less complex site.

10 /What is the purpose of branding?

Branding is the heartbeat and identity of all businesses.  It is the unity of all cohesive touchpoints, ideas, and promises across each company. Branding should send a clear message to consumers about who the company is, what they are offering, and what they value. It creates customer perception, consumer loyalty, and trust in the brand. 

11 / What are the benefits of branding packages offered by Reckless Projects?

Branding is not as simple as creating a logo and choosing fonts. It is an ongoing project that must encompass all facets of the business. By selecting a branding package from Reckless Projects, we can ensure all touchpoints are aligned and consistent from start to finish while consistently evolving depending on your business needs. 

12 / Is there any risk involved when I sign up for a branding package?

When selecting a branding package, make sure you take the time to communicate what exactly you envision your company’s brand to be and how it will be perceived. Remember to give active and honest feedback throughout the process

13 / What are the benefits of email marketing?

Email marketing is an effective strategy to reach target audiences directly while building brand awareness, improving sales, increasing website traffic, and optimizing the marketing budget.  It also allows companies to personalize content to specific cohorts (new customers vs. returning customers) and work on shorter timelines. Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies with the highest ROI (return on investment) due to the minimal resources needed to produce the content.

14 / How does the email marketing process work?

Reckless Projects would create a personalized email marketing plan by accessing the needs of your company. Once the plan has been created, Reckless Projects would begin drafting and implementing emails and creating different flows and campaigns to maximize effectiveness.

15 / Is email marketing included in social media marketing?

Email Marketing is always highly recommended and can be added to any social media marketing package.

16 / How will Reckless Projects help me with my business strategy?

Reckless Projects will help craft a business strategy that will concentrate on an overall marketing plan that involves reviewing competitors and narrowing focus on what needs work and overall improvement to generate the best results.

17 / Will Reckless Projects create a business strategy for me?

Yes,  Reckless Project will review current data and statistics surrounding your company to compile and create a personalized business marketing strategy.

18 / What information would I need to provide Reckless Projects with to create a business strategy?

Reckless Projects will need access to relevant accounts and date in order to compile current standings as well as top competitors.

19 / What makes Reckless Projects suited for creating a personalized business strategy?

Reckless Projects has a varied range of experiences across multiple industries and fields. Our proven results with current and past clients are proof of our ability to deliver results for your business.

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